Pengwyn Project OG NFT Collection

A collection of 111 fully hand-crafted NFTs with proof of ownership stored on the ICON Blockchain. Pengwyn OG characters have their own unique appearances that give clues about their personality, therefore, each has a different story to tell.

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The Characters

From a cyborg to an emperor, from a monster to an astronaut, all Pengwyns have different appearances and unique characteristics given to them. Each of them is hand-crafted and secured on the ICON Blockchain.

The Story

In a world where the human race never existed, Pengwyns managed to evolve as a community and came up with a scientific breakthrough. Now, their duty is to learn, communicate, invest, and grow with the fellow waddle from the multiverse.

The Community

Pengwyn Project is a community driven NFT movement where interaction is essential. Participants may contribute to development of the project by attending brainstorming sessions, and in some parts, voting for specific decisions.


In a world where ICE and SNOW rule, finding a lone Pengwyn is rare.

Pengwyn Project is designed as a multiple phase journey and OG collection is the first of these upcoming phases. In the first phase, there will be a total of 111 hand-crafted OG Pengwyn NFTs to be released on Craft Network. There is no item based rarity in the OG collection, at least not in our perspective. Instead, there is a role based rarity approach to the collection.

There are 100 Members and 10 Councilor Pengwyns. Plus, the Ultimate Pengwyn. Once 111 OG Pengwyns claimed by their owners, the Pengwyn Council will be formed and will be carried out on Pengwyn Project Discord Channel. This is the moment where the community power comes into prominence. Holders of different level NFTs will be able to attend interactive sessions and, in some parts, vote for the direction of the project.

Member and Councilor Pengwyns will be the main part of community interactions which will focus on ICON Blockchain, and in later phases, on other chains that BTP connects. ICON will connect blockchains technologically, and we will connect communities by creating utility. The ultimate goal of the Pengwyn Project is to grow, invest, and build together as a waddle!

Then, finding a lone Pengwyn will become even rarer.


Pengwyn Project is divided into several phases. The phases outlined below are the baseline of what we have planned for the project.

Phase 1.1

Pengwyn OG Collection starts living on ICON Blockchain. The collection will be sold in a form of OG Pass. After 110 Pengwyns claimed by their owners, The Ultimate Pengwyn will be born and will be auctioned.

Phase 1.2

The Pengwyn Council will be formed and OG holders will receive their roles. Community interaction will lead the team to Phase 2.1.

Phase 2.1

The Pengwyn BINC mint begins. The collection will include 10.000 NFTs with multifunctional utilities. All details will be debated in the Pengwyn Council.

Phase 2.2

The distribution of PNGWYN Token begins. The majority of tokens will be received by Pengwyn BINC NTFs on a daily basis. Details to be announced.

Phase 3

" The Chain-Verse "

Board of Pengwyn

Chief Pengwyn

Chief Pengwyn




Social Pengwyn

Social Pengwyn


Social Media


Designer Pengwyn

Designer Pengwyn


Industrial Designer

Art Director

Frequently Asked Questions


Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, are digital assets that are stored on the blockchain and are linked to a digital (in some cases physical) content. NFTs provide proof of ownership to their creator.

Craft is an NFT marketplace that was decentralized from the beginning. The platform is owned by the community, and is powered by the ICON Blockchain. Holders of $CFT can stake their tokens on the platform and earn a portion of platform revenue.

First, you need to download an ICON wallet ( ICONex , Hana , etc. ) on Google Chrome. Once you create your wallet, you can transfer ICX from an exchange to your address if you don’t already have ICX in it. Then, all you have to do is visit and connect your wallet using the “Connect wallet” link on the right upper corner.

The main idea is to create a storyline with the goals we achieve together as a community. Besides, we will imply another story with the NFTs that we created and that we are going to create in time. Pengwyn Story will move ahead as we live, in a more organized way.

The Pengwyn Project treats each blockchain as a separate universe. The idea is creating a story that jumps between these universes and seeking potential future Pengwyns to scale up our waddle. Our main focus will always be on our main universe, which is ICON Blockchain.

There will be 111 fully hand-crafted Pengwyns in the collection.

OG Pass is a presale NFT that reserves a Pengwyn NFT from the OG Collection. There will be 100 Member and 10 Councilor OG Pass NFTs to be sold.

We will distribute OG Pengwyns to the OG Pass holders each week. Once all OG Pengwyns received by their owners, The Ultimate Pengwyn will be born and will be auctioned. More details will be announced on our official discord channel.

There will be 100 Member and 10 Councilor Pengwyns. Plus, the Ultimate Pengwyn. There will be no item based rarity. Instead, we wanted to implement story and role based approach in the OG collection.

Member Pengwyn NFT holders will have their own private channels on our Discord channel. Member Pengwyn holders will be able to read and write on all the channels except the Councilor Chat.

Councilor Pengwyn NFT holders will be able to read and write on all channels, including General, Member, and Councilor Chat. Also, Councilor NFTs will have other usages including a separate channel that they can create and post contents for the Pengwyn Community. The content may vary from a tweet/news link to a written content on the relevant channel.

The Ultimate Pengwyn plays a crucial role in the story side of the Pengwyn Project. Additionally, the owner of the Ultimate Pengwyn can do all the things that Councillor Pengwyns can do.

On top of being a part of a community driven NFT project, holders also will be able to participate in the brainstorming and decision making in some parts of the project. We will listen for sure. The goal is to grow together and expand the boundaries of the Pengwyn Project.

Pengwyn Council is needed for the future design of Pengwyn Project. Suggestions, improvements, and even additional subphases will be discussed in the council. OG Pengwyn will always be our main focus.

Of course! We do have lots of them, but we want to create an environment that is suitable for the needs of both the holders and the Pengwyn Community. Requests coming from the Pengwyn Community will be discussed in the Pengwyn Council.

Sharing too much information from early phases could create a manipulative environment and thus, could harm the project and its investors. We will start sharing the future design of the project once all the revealed phases are over successfully. For more information, please join our discord channel using the discord link on the upper side of our website.